Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Descent into Filth

It all started so well.  I had my #ToMB purchases all planned out on a nice spreadsheet, knew where I was going to take crew, colour schemes were designed etc.  Unfortunately real life doesn't like things to be quite that organised and decides to sets up situations where you have to change those plans and just go with the flow.

Anyway enough with melodrematic intros, whats being going on in the world of ToMB this month.

Well as I said in my last post I decided to take the crew to Adepticon and thats what I did.  Things went pretty well  (I ended up finishing 3rd in the main singles event) but a couple of liabilities in both my play and my model selection were exposed that I want to eliminate.

The play issues are of course the harder of the two to stop as it comes down to training myself to play a slightly different way but I have at least identified the main problem which is my tendency to try to get everything done (even schemes that only score in turn 5) done in turn 2 or 3.  This leads me to expend AP on getting those completed early on when it would be better spent on other actions.  This was especially apparent in my game against Brad and his Collette led crew.  As all his hitty models had a minimum damage of 3 it was only taking him 2 AP to get through things like the Marionettes instead of the normal 3.  This may not sound much but it is huge.  The ability of a Marionette to jam up an opponents key models and force them to spend more than a single activation killing them is a great thing.  Against Brad I wasn't able to do that and it meant I was on the back foot for the whole game.  Now what I should have been doing is having Collodi give himself Armour +1 so that it would get passed out via the Fated upgrade to the rest of the crew but I didn't react in time and played him in the control manner that I normally do.  This meant models were dying left and right and I had no control over the activations.  This is not a good thing.  So mental lesson to myself is to slow down and don't spend AP setting up schemes that don't score until 5 when you will have plenty of AP in 5 to do them then.

The crew selection issues were basically because I was using my fixed ToMB crew and I didn't have  a heavy hitter.  Sometimes you just need to smash something in the face and unfortunately the Collodi crew I was using just didn't have that.  Best heavy hitter I had was the Stitched and he can be very hit or miss.

So to this end I have decided to use my month 3 purchases to change this around somewhat and will be spending my cash on a Widow Weaver ($12.50) and Teddy.($18)  Yes this puts me in hole to the tune of $4.50 but I can live with Bailiffs coming around.

Now I realize that neither of these are puppets but thematically (to me at least) they both fit in - probably more than the stitched does to be honest - and in 1.5 the Weaver had Affinity with Collodi anyway.

So anyway thats what I'm doing for month 3 along with painting up some new Marionette figures.  Pictures in a later post