Friday, 30 November 2012

Stretch Goals

So with the ending of the Miss Terious period, the stretch goals have been posted for the Malifaux RPG kickstarter and they are starting to make the mid level pledges ($125 - really $158 in the UK) more attractive.  The so far announced goals (as of 1st December) are

$50,000: Special Edition Fate Deck Cards will be Plastic - ACHIEVED
$100,000: One (or one additional) Special Edition Fate Deck - ACHIEVED

$150,000: One (or one additional) Male or Female Multi-Pose Mini (random gender)

$200,000: A Pad of Character Sheets

$250,000: A Digital Version of the Books (at $60 pledged or more)

$250,000: One Special Edition Hanging Tree Mini. This miniature is of the most prominent landmark in all of Malifaux, originally made available at Gen Con 2012.

$300,000: ???

Given that Kicktraq is predicting that it will finish up around the $1.5M level all of those goals should be achieved which should mean that all of those are added into your package, though it does make me wonder how many Hanging Trees they had left over after Gencon :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Through the Breach

So the Malifaux RPG kickstarter is up 24 hours after initially planned (a word of advice to Wyrd, just give nebulous 'soon' type dates, only give exact ones if you are certain to hit it) and I have to say that I am completely underwhelmed by it, though there are obviously plenty of people who like it, as its gone through the requested amount in less than 12 hours.

However for a Malifaux player such as myself, who doesn't play RPGs anymore, there isn't really anything to excite me into pledging at the current time.   Sure I would like to get my hands on both the limited edition Fate Deck and the 3 miniatures that are available but to do that I would have to pledge at the $225 level and if I compare what I get for that with what I got for that pledging to something like the Relic Knights kickstarter then I really feel as if I am being ripped off.  When you then factor in the huge shipping costs to Europe and the fact that you aren't going to get any of this stuff until September 2013 - i.e. after the next Gencon (and do you honestly believe that they wont have copies of this on sale at Gencon 2013)  it becomes even less apealing to me.

So lets look at the current pledge levels.

For $60 you get both the Players and the GM (sorry FM) guide.  Now that seems like a reasonable price.  However at the $125 pledge level you either get an additional 3 miniatures (yes 3 miniatures for an extra $65 + extra $11 postage) or an additional special Hardback version of the rules and a fate deck.  Now I love Fate Decks - its what got me to pledge to EBO - but $65!!  Oh and what is it about grown men and an obsession for Plushies at the $225 level.  My youngest daughter could knock up something that matches the Stitched Together doll - perhaps I should have her make some in Malifools tshirts.

A cleverer man than me pointed out on twitter that it looks like the the pledge levels are priced in such a way that when stretch goals kick in that they will be come more attractive, and I certainly hope that is true as I love me some new shiney, but at the moment it just isn't shiney enough.

Still on the plus side we did get to see some really nice artwork

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


So it was our normal Tuesday night club night last night and the next two games in the ongoing bloodbowl league that I am playing in.  Now whilst I am a big fan of Bloodbowl, its not a game that I play very often - before playing Jon a few months back the last time I had played was back in the mid 90s!!! - and I tend to play what are considered the 'less powerful' teams in the form of Undead or Necromantic (I have an Ogre team as well but thats just silly).  To cap it off this league is a 'no reroll' league meaning that game turns can go very quickly when you roll double skulls.

First game was against Matt (@uberspoons) and his Dwarfs which I managed to win 4-0, with my Werewolf Heveraux scoring 3 touchdowns.  All I can really say about this game is that Matt must have offended the dice gods somehow as I have never seen so many 11s for armour rolls.

Second I was up against Scott (@barnabible) and Vampires.  I've never played against Vampires before and Scott was telling me that in his previous game that he had failed nearly every bloodlust roll he had to make.  I should have seen this as an omen, as he failed none in the first half of the game at all and managed to put Heveraux into the injured box (though he wasn't badly hurt).  In the second half they obviously got a bit more hungry as they started to feed on the thralls, but Scott still ended up with a well deserved 3-1 victory.

On my part the highlight was when I tried a 2dice opponent chooses block on a Vampire with a ghoul, rolled double skulls, failed the armour roll and then manged to kill him.  Still I had all this money in the bank and they don't really die do they :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Ye olde introduction

So here we all are, standing on the edge of the precipice as I attempt to write - and keep up to date with - yet another gaming blog.

So why bother?  Well I have the world renowned :) Malifools podcast to talk about  my gaming adventures to you all, but theoretically that's about Malifaux and I don't really like cluttering it up with talk of Saga, Infinity or even Zombicide.  This blog gives me the ability to talk about those things and also post those little bits and pieces that I find interesting - new terrain companies, odd bits of miniature news etc.

So lets see how we get on shall we - knowing me it will all grind to a halt after only a couple of weeks anyway