Friday, 1 May 2015

OGAM - The Greek Mortals

Without Mortals an OGAM force is nothing. It is their faith that powers your god and enables him to cheat death time after time.  Without belief Gods are literally nothing - check out the most excellent Small Gods from the great Terry Pratchett if you don't believe me :)

As with their Legends, Greeks have a massive choice of different mortal units (20 if my counting skills haven't degraded to much) ranging from Wild Dogs to the might of the Spartan Hoplites with everything you need in between.

Given this wide range you might think it would be hard to find figures but I think that Greeks are actually one of the easiest ranges to find figures for, so many lovely historical manufacturers out there.

So first up lets deal with the manufacturers that I've already touched on in previous parts (Gods Legends)

Otherworld -As you would expect plenty of scope in the otherworld range.  I particularly like the Wardogs and the Centaurs

Wargames Foundry - Same as before check out the Greek Mythology Range then the World of the Greeks

Crocodile Miniatures - Back to the Wargods of Olympus range for the perfect Spartans and some really nice Satyrs

Right so what about some new manufacturers.

Crusader Miniatures - One of the my favourite historical manufacturers with nice chunky models Crusader do a nice range of Greek Hoplites with and without armour at very reasonable prices enabling you to build a unit for less than £10

Victrix - Victrix is a small UK company (from Cumbria I believe) that specialise in making hard plastic 28mm models.  Their main interests are Napoleonics but they do make an excellent range of Greek Models as well

Wargames Factory - One of the first chinese hard plastic manufacturers, Wargames Factory have a huge range for such a youngish company.  Personally I find some of the figures a bit hit and miss but the Amazons they do are really nice figures.

And thats it for a whistle stop tour of various manufacturers.  Next post will be a round up of all the things that I have missed.  Hey its a big world out there, even I don't know everything :)