Friday, 20 February 2015


I know its been a while but my life has been hectic over the last couple of months and I just haven't had the time (or to be honest the inspiration) to write anything, but last night something happened that inspired this post.

This time last year I was getting ready to run 3 days of Malifaux events at Smogcon which, modesty aside, went down pretty well.  However the big draw wasn't the events - though they were awesome -  but the fact that the Malifaux crowd were mixing with the Warmachine crowd and its was one big toy soldier love in.  Ah!!!  This year of course Smogcon has gone back to being PP only (and massive congrats should go to Jon Webb for making it the huge event it is) which means I am at a loose end and that normally spells trouble for me.

Well this time was no different.  I was reading twitter last night seeing all the Smogcon tweets coming across my timeline and I got to thinking about if the Malifaux community was strong enough to do a Con type event itself - I mean we are planning on 100 folks at the UK Nationals at the end of the year - and if it was, were could it be held.  But then I started to think about all the other games that I play - if you listen to Fools Daily then you know there are quite a few - and it occured to me that rather than just Malifaux why not run a small games convention.  Thus the idea for #DaffCon was born.  Why Daffcon?  Well the first place that I thought of doing the event was at the original home of Smogcon, Firestorm Games in Cardiff and everyone knows Wales = Daffodils (no not sheep).  Of course the fact that Firestorm has a stonking new venue that can fit 70 6x4 tables in comfortably helps as well.

I have had a quick email exchange with Firestorm Rob and proposed a set of dates in 2016 (8-10th April) to him - yes 14 months away, I like to plan in advance - and if those are acceptable then #Daffcon will be a go.

My plan as it is at the moment is to organise certain events myself and then leave slots for other TOs / communities to organise something.  I mean, I don't know the Dropzone Commander community myself but I'd love it if they came along.  Basically if they can get 8+ players then we will do our very best to find them a slot.

Events that I would put on the calander myself would be

Malifaux Singles, Malifaux Random Doubles, Malifaux Story Encounter, Saga, Relic Knights, Wrath of Kings (assuming its still going), Dead Mans Hand,Guildball and a little sneaky Open Combat campaign type event (wonder if I can get Carl and Gav to come along, free beer lads?)

I'd love to see Infinity, Antares, Bolt Action, EpicA, FFoK and Batman as well but I don't know enough about those sort of games.  Perhaps get a Krosmaster event in as well ?  Eh Joel?  Loads of other games out there though, so if you are interested in running something and can get the 8+ players, drop me some email ( and we can see what we can sort.

Ticket wise I think we are probably looking at a 3 day pass costing somewhere around the £40 - £50 mark but until more details get firmed up thats a pure guess.

Right enough rambling, if its of interest to you then please do get in touch and let me know.

As Stan Lee would say 'Excelsior'