Saturday, 28 November 2015


So after some discussion on twitter and the large number of folks who have expressed interest I've had some more thoughts on this as i hone in on the final format 

First off I'm going to increase the field to 30 which gives me 6 teams of 5.   This means each player will get 2 games of singles faux, 2 games of doubles and a game of something else.

Now what that 5th game is slightly more complex but I,m going to go with 4 fixed games and one that we will pick at a later date.  At the moment the four fixed games are Bloodbowl, Batman, Saga and Frostgrave but that might change based on feedback - or my fickle nature :)

We will also have games between rounds, Cash n Guns has been suggested for one and also a mini Gaslands demolition derby.

So if you want to come along then just send me an email or put a comment in the post with what your 5th game would be, perhaps give me a list? Priority will be given to the folks who have come along to an event before but i imagine most folks who want to come will be able to.

Friday, 27 November 2015

MAGE - Mikes Annual Gaming Extravaganza

Every year I put on an event at the village hall just around from my house.  It tends to be something out of the norm, though with a Malifaux focus - it is my main game after all - like a campaign, achievement event etc.  As I live in the middle of nowhere, folks often camp in the garden and this has led to the events having a festival type feel with BBQ beer and gaming.

Next years event is going to be on 14th-16th July and will feature a team type event, again based around Malifaux but also featuring a load of the other games that we play.  Coupled with mini rounds in between it will be a full on celebration of the hobby - or at least thats the plan.

Now its very early days yet and I am still playing around with how it will all actually work but some things are fixed (ish)

It will be a team event with 6 teams of 4 playing - this means each team will play all the other teams over the course of the weekend, got to love maths.

Each player will need a fixed 50ss Malifaux List and a fixed 25ss list.  This is so that they can play in singles or doubles as the matchups require.

Each team will also need players who understand different games (and have the models for them)

Now at the moment I'm not sure what the choice of other games will be but I'm thinking

Frostgrave, Warmachine / Hordes, Guildball and something like OGAM

Any other suggestions gratefully received

There will be a team captain picking phase where the matchups get decided but also a couple of jokers that can get played.  One forces a non Malifaux game (you can only use this once) and a Switch crews joker where you play you opponents force.  Yes its going to be that sort of silliness

As I said above in between each round there will be a mini game - if you've ever been to the late lamented Whoops Apocalypse you know the sort of things that this could be.  Only one I have fixed in my head at the moment is a Gaslands Demolition Derby but I'm sure other things will occur to me over the next six months.

I will be sending out invites to anyone who has attended one of these events before and hopefully we will be able to get some teams up and running.

Oh it will be free, did I mention that?

Until next time

Friday, 1 May 2015

OGAM - The Greek Mortals

Without Mortals an OGAM force is nothing. It is their faith that powers your god and enables him to cheat death time after time.  Without belief Gods are literally nothing - check out the most excellent Small Gods from the great Terry Pratchett if you don't believe me :)

As with their Legends, Greeks have a massive choice of different mortal units (20 if my counting skills haven't degraded to much) ranging from Wild Dogs to the might of the Spartan Hoplites with everything you need in between.

Given this wide range you might think it would be hard to find figures but I think that Greeks are actually one of the easiest ranges to find figures for, so many lovely historical manufacturers out there.

So first up lets deal with the manufacturers that I've already touched on in previous parts (Gods Legends)

Otherworld -As you would expect plenty of scope in the otherworld range.  I particularly like the Wardogs and the Centaurs

Wargames Foundry - Same as before check out the Greek Mythology Range then the World of the Greeks

Crocodile Miniatures - Back to the Wargods of Olympus range for the perfect Spartans and some really nice Satyrs

Right so what about some new manufacturers.

Crusader Miniatures - One of the my favourite historical manufacturers with nice chunky models Crusader do a nice range of Greek Hoplites with and without armour at very reasonable prices enabling you to build a unit for less than £10

Victrix - Victrix is a small UK company (from Cumbria I believe) that specialise in making hard plastic 28mm models.  Their main interests are Napoleonics but they do make an excellent range of Greek Models as well

Wargames Factory - One of the first chinese hard plastic manufacturers, Wargames Factory have a huge range for such a youngish company.  Personally I find some of the figures a bit hit and miss but the Amazons they do are really nice figures.

And thats it for a whistle stop tour of various manufacturers.  Next post will be a round up of all the things that I have missed.  Hey its a big world out there, even I don't know everything :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OGAM - The Greek Legends

Following on from yesterdays post, today I thought I would suggest some manufacturers for Greek Legends.

If you have seen a character in a film, have a particular favourite monster or just see a really cool model that you think, "I'd love to have that but what would I use it for?" then Legends are where they will almost certainly fit in :)  Duane loves the Talos model from Mierce Miniatures, so made up some stats for him as a Greek Legend and job done.  To get some idea of that models size BTW, thats a 100mm base he is on!

Even if you aren't up to making up your own models (and with OGAM thats really half the fun) Greeks still have over 20 legends to choose from ranging from the Nemean Lion to Achilles himself.

So manufacturers then as that's probably why you are reading this

Otherworld - Otherworld Miniatures specialise in making miniatures inspired by the art in old D&D books.  As a lot of that art was inspired by legends they have a great range of miniatures that can be used for OGAM.  Of particular interest to the Greeks are the Harpies and the Centaurs.  Note that shipping on Otherworld stuff can be a bit pricey, so if you can pick them up at a show or do a combined order with a mate then that's probably a bit of a win.

Reaper - One of the oldest American manufacturers they have a massive range of figures, so big in fact that finding a particular model can be hard, though their search facility is pretty decent.  In the Dark Heaven Legends range they have plenty of suitable models for Greek Heros, best thing to do is search for them by name, I particularly like this model of Perseus

Wargames Foundry - Hopefully needing no introduction Foundry have been around for a donkeys age and have a range depth to match.  They have two big sections that work for OGAM, firstly the Greek Mythology Range (check out the monsters especially) and then the World of the Greeks for more characters such as Jason of Argonauts fame.  Needless to say they will be turning up in the Mortals showcase as well :)

Fenris - You might know Fenris better for their excellent resin terrain but they do ranges of miniatures as well and hidden amongst the Cthulhu stuff (well he is a big boy) is a range of Greek Heros that are perfect for representing OGAM legends.

Crocodile Miniatures - Another American company whose ranges are very hard to get in the UK (I really wish they had a decent stockist) their Wargods of Olympus range makes a perfect set of Greek characters.  I love these miniatures as Chris Fitzpatrick is a god amongst sculptors IMO.  Pay special attention to the Demigods section of the store.

Comfy Chair Games - Comfy chair are currently working on there own god vs. god game called Dominion of the Gods and so have a load of miniatures being worked on at the moment.  If you check out their news page then you can see some of the Greek heros that are in the works but if you go into the store then you can buy this absolutely wonderful Cyclops.

Heresy - One of my favourite miniature companies, Heresy make some great Centaurs and some nice monsters (Giant Scorpion, Cyclops) that will fit right into the Greeks.  Plus Andy is a great bloke so why wouldn't you buy some stuff from him.

Have I missed anyone obvious off? - Let me know in the comments if I have.  Next up Mortals, expect to see some of the above make another appearance on the list :)

Monday, 27 April 2015

OGAM - The Greeks

Seems that something is happening within the OGAM world as by all accounts Osprey sold out of all their copies at Salute :)  I certainly saw loads of people with the book as I walked around. Of course getting the rules is only the first part of a game, you really need to get miniatures for it - it would be a bit of a poor miniature game without them - so I thought it might be useful to blatantly steal an idea from Colonel Marbles over at Frothers and do a showcase to suggest places you can go look at for miniatures.  Of course these are just my opinion, please let me know places that I have missed out in the comments.

Right enough preamble, lets get on with it


Gods are often the hardest miniatures to source for OGAM as you are looking for something in a very different scale so you can convey the majesty of your chosen.  54mm is the suggested scale for god models but even within that you get such a variety of size as to make specifying a scale pretty much worthless.  So instead here are a few manufacturers that you might find useful.

Northstar - The home of the 'official' OGAM miniatures, Northstar have models for both Ares and Zeus himself.  As with a lot of the Northstar stuff the casting can be a bit hit and miss on the figures but they are nice sculpts.

Andrea Miniatures - Andrea make a lot of really nice 54mm and bigger models especially in their general range that you can use as various different gods.  I like this one as a possible Ares and my friend Duane uses another one as Hermes.

Eastern Front Miniatures - A boutique range from the US and TBH my order hasn't been delivered yet but they make a lovely looking Nepture that is sculpted by Gael Goumon so no slouch in the sculpting department.

Valiant Enterprises - Another US company with frankly a horrible website, its slow, really hard to find anything on and has some truely awful miniatures.  However there are nuggets of goodness in amongst the drek and the best of these is this amazingly awesome resin model that makes the perfect Zeus. 
Painted by Joel Henry

Next post will be all about the Greek Legends and blimey, do they have a lot of them.

Friday, 24 April 2015

OGAM and the Horned One

One of the things I love about the glut of small non model specific games on the market at the moment is the fact that you can use whatever figures you like in them and if they don't have a force that appeals to you, the chances are that you can make one up.  Now this is something that us longer term (i.e. old) gamers are used to doing but for many folks, you play within the bounds of the system and creativity is stifled.

Not any more.

So as I talked about in my last post I've been playing a lot of OGAM recently but looking over at my figure cabinets I keep seeing the Skaven in them and thinking 'haven't played with you for ages'.  So why not kill two birds with one stone and create a Skaven OGAM force.

So how to go about it?

Well first things first, there is only one god (The Great Horned One) but he can be represented on the mortal plane by his mighty Verminlords so thats what I will go with.  The other two defining features of Skaven are the fact they run away a lot (this can be represented by lower Q scores) and that they are fast (give everyone long move).  With those basic thoughts in mind this is what I have come up so far.  Note no Legends yet, need to dig out my Skaven army book to find the special characters, plus it makes another blog post :)

Vermin Lord
332 Points
Long Move, Lightning, Teleportation
Option: Poison Weapon : Add Poison for 12 points
Option: Throwing Star : Add Shooter (Long) for 28 Points

30 Points
Long Move, Armoured, Steadfast
23 Points
Long Move, Armoured
13 Points
Long Move
Plague Monks
21 Points
Long Move, Poison
Rat Ogres
25 Points
Long Move, Big
11 Points
Long Move, Animal, Rare(8)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Of Gods and Mortals

One of the games that has been taking up quite a bit of my time recently is 'Of Gods and Mortals' (OGAM for short) a nice little game written by the same author as another favourite in the Marshall household 'Fistful of Kung Fu', Andrea Sfiligoi. 

The game centres around the Gods of myth and legend along with their heroes and mortal followers.  So for instance I have been using the Norse as my faction of choice which gives me access to gods such as Odin, Thor and Hel, whilst my opponents have used various different pantheons such as Greeks and Celts - the book includes 4 pantheons (Egyptian is the other one) and there are several others available as free downloads.

Picking a force

To pick a force you pick a Pantheon and a points limit (900 points is the recommended limit for starting out) and then get started.  You need to have a God (no more than one) and can spend no more than a 1/3 of your points on Legends, other than that you are free to pick.

Gods are pretty much what they say they are, the personification of the god in a semi mortal form.  They are the most powerful model on the tabletop with a points cost to match but they can be slain just like any other model.  However if you still have mortal units on the table you can reinvoke your god and bring him back!  So its always worth keeping a mortal unit out of combat to pray.  The other interesting thing about the Gods is they tend to be represented by a much larger miniature than the rest.  We have been using models out of the various 54mm ranges available to provide suitably imposing centrepiece models.

The legends tend to be characters such as Hercules and Perseus as well as the more mythical monsters such as Medusa or Pegasus.  Or in the Norse list you get to pick all the Giants (get your Frost Giant here), Valkyrie etc.  Legends are where you can really go to town on models as there are so many cool ones out there that you can use as 'counts as' type things.  They are also a great excuse to raid the bits box for that model you bought as an impulse buy and then stuck in a box and forgot about.  What do you mean that's only me, must be plenty of other gamers that do that.  Surely?

Finally we have mortals.  Unlike Gods and Legends mortals are deployed in units of 4-8 models but fight as if they were a single entity.  They are also the only units that can bring your god back to the table if he has been slain, so you need to keep them safe. Again mortals cover the archetypes that you would expect for each pantheon, the norse for example have beserkers, norse nobles, trolls and drauger amongst the choices.

Playing the game

The game uses a very simple yet elegant dice mechanic to play that is very much in the risk vs. reward type of game play.  Each model / unit has 2 stats Quality and Combat (mortals tend to be Q4, Legends Q3 and  Gods Q2) and to activate a unit you roll up to 3 dice and try and equal or better the Q score.  For each success you get then that unit gets one action that it can spend on doing things like moving or fighting.  However (and this is where the risk comes in) for each failure you opponent can try and activate one of their units in a reaction.  A unit can only use a reaction once per turn (so no need to worry about rapaging gods) but it creates a very fluid game.  If you end up rolling 2 or more failures when you try and activate a unit then your turn ends, even if it was the first unit you tried.  This tends to make activation order very important as well as making sure you are rolling the right number of dice at the right point.  No need to go for 3 actions if the unit you are trying to do something with only needs 1.

Of course as with most wargames, you want to kill your opponent as well - after all how dare this opposing god come into your territory - and that is handled with a single dice roll by both players.  Basically you roll a d6 and add your Combat Score to it, along with a few modifiers based on things like outnumbering.  If the difference between the rolls is less than 3 nothing happens, but if its 3 or more then someone is going to the woodshed.  There is a hierarchy of effects (if Gods lose a combat to a mortal unit then they can turn being killed into just being pushed back by making a Q test, whereas if they lost to the other god they are dead) and this just adds into the risk / reward mechanism that flows throughout the game.


The book is on the order of £10 and then its onto miniatures.  To play a 900 point game you probably need a God, 3 Legends and 2 units of 6 mortals.  And that's it! Of course if you are reading this you are probably a gamer and know that you will never stop at just that, but its nice to dream isn't it?


If you are a gamer like me, looking for a simple yet fun system that can get played in an hour or so then OGAM is likely to be right up your street.  It has a points system in the book so you can expand beyond the Pantheons included (my friend Matt is busy making a Plague God force) and the author is supporting it with new expansions (the first will be out later in the year)

2 thumbs way up.