Thursday, 17 January 2013

Historical Babysteps

So last time I got to talking about how I was slowly being drawn back into the world of historical gaming, firstly by SAGA and then larger games via War and Conquest.  Since then my W&C rulebook arrived - a very nice piece of work it is as well and I've decided what force I wanted to play.

Originally i thought about expanding up my existing Anglo Saxon warband into a full army, but the problem with that is I know I will never ever get it painted.  There is only so many times I can paint 'warrior with spear' after all. So I needed something that would offer slightly more variety in figure choices, as well as satisfy that painting urge.   After spending some time going through the various historical manufacturers websites I had a decision - Early Crusades.

I've always wanted to paint an army with a decent amount of horses in it and given that the figures could double up as Normans in SAGA this seemed like a good job.  I had a quick discussion with some friends who know about this sort of thing and they both pointed me in the direction of the Perry Miniatures website, so off I went.

Of course just dropping the cash to buy a 2000 pt army wasn't going to happen - need to sell some of my older WHFB stuff first - but I could make a start and pick up enough figures to do a 6pt SAGA warband.  This would enable me to paint some up and perfect techniques without thinking that I had masses of figures left to do before I had something playable.

So I ended up by 12 Cavalry, 16 spearmen and 12 unarmoured archers which will enable me to field 3pts of Hearthguard (mounted of course) 2 pts of warriors (probably split 12-4) and a pt of levies.  I also bought the command pack shown in the picture above and some casualty figures to use as fatigue markers.

Now I just need to wait for my Renedra order to show up with all the bases and I can at least get them based and undercoated. I should be having a game with them in a week or so at a new club that I am attending so I need to get them all assembled at least by then.

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