Friday, 30 November 2012

Stretch Goals

So with the ending of the Miss Terious period, the stretch goals have been posted for the Malifaux RPG kickstarter and they are starting to make the mid level pledges ($125 - really $158 in the UK) more attractive.  The so far announced goals (as of 1st December) are

$50,000: Special Edition Fate Deck Cards will be Plastic - ACHIEVED
$100,000: One (or one additional) Special Edition Fate Deck - ACHIEVED

$150,000: One (or one additional) Male or Female Multi-Pose Mini (random gender)

$200,000: A Pad of Character Sheets

$250,000: A Digital Version of the Books (at $60 pledged or more)

$250,000: One Special Edition Hanging Tree Mini. This miniature is of the most prominent landmark in all of Malifaux, originally made available at Gen Con 2012.

$300,000: ???

Given that Kicktraq is predicting that it will finish up around the $1.5M level all of those goals should be achieved which should mean that all of those are added into your package, though it does make me wonder how many Hanging Trees they had left over after Gencon :)


  1. I am less excited about the $200k stretch goal. I don't think I could get excited about something I produce with a copy of the book and a scanner/copier.

  2. Honestly, I'm still not convinced. But to be honest I don't think there is anything Wyrd can really do to make me back, but that's because no matter how many model sets or fate decks they throw at us, I just don't have the funds and won't until next Summer at least.