Wednesday, 28 November 2012


So it was our normal Tuesday night club night last night and the next two games in the ongoing bloodbowl league that I am playing in.  Now whilst I am a big fan of Bloodbowl, its not a game that I play very often - before playing Jon a few months back the last time I had played was back in the mid 90s!!! - and I tend to play what are considered the 'less powerful' teams in the form of Undead or Necromantic (I have an Ogre team as well but thats just silly).  To cap it off this league is a 'no reroll' league meaning that game turns can go very quickly when you roll double skulls.

First game was against Matt (@uberspoons) and his Dwarfs which I managed to win 4-0, with my Werewolf Heveraux scoring 3 touchdowns.  All I can really say about this game is that Matt must have offended the dice gods somehow as I have never seen so many 11s for armour rolls.

Second I was up against Scott (@barnabible) and Vampires.  I've never played against Vampires before and Scott was telling me that in his previous game that he had failed nearly every bloodlust roll he had to make.  I should have seen this as an omen, as he failed none in the first half of the game at all and managed to put Heveraux into the injured box (though he wasn't badly hurt).  In the second half they obviously got a bit more hungry as they started to feed on the thralls, but Scott still ended up with a well deserved 3-1 victory.

On my part the highlight was when I tried a 2dice opponent chooses block on a Vampire with a ghoul, rolled double skulls, failed the armour roll and then manged to kill him.  Still I had all this money in the bank and they don't really die do they :)

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