Sunday, 23 December 2012

Family Gaming

The day I met the future Mrs M, I was out drinking with the staff from my local GW store so hiding my gaming hobby was never something that was possible, she knew what she was getting into from day one.   However she made it very clear that whilst she had no problem with me playing with little toys or hanging out with the geeky guys who frequent wargames clubs, she wasn't going to play and she has kept to that, despite a few half hearted efforts on my part to get her involved.

Recently though that has all changed as my children (especially my eldest daughter) have started to become interested in what daddy gets up to - indeed Rebecca has started to play Malifaux and paint her own figures - and we have evolved into having regular family gaming times, not playing miniature games, but playing the new generation of fantasy releated boardgames that are currently in vogue.

It all started with Pirate Fluxx which I had played at the Malifaux doubles GT.  I had thought, this game would go down well with the kids and it did.  The rules are simple enough that everyone can play, but involved enough that its not snap, there is definate strategy involved if you want to play it to that level.  We ended up purchasing several more Fluxx decks (Oz Fluxx is our current favourite) but were also really to move onto something else.

That something else ended up being Zombicide.  I had seen the kickstarter for this but unfortunately it had finished after I became aware of it, so I ended up just purchasing a normal copy (though you can get the stats for the extra promo characters via the website and the iPad app).  What I didn't think when I bought it was that all of us would be interested in playing, but Mrs M was able to translate her love of the Walking Dead show into an enjoyment of Zombicide and now we often sit around the table slaughtering the living dead left and right.  The kids are always pestering me for another game of it as well, so it must be doing something right.

Next we will be trying Super Dungeon Explore - not sure how that is going to go down though :)

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  1. I am envious of Gamers that can get their Family involved with their hobbies and games. I think that is why I enjoy listening to Lost Boys Radio so much the synergy that Marshall and Savanna share over gaming is magnetic.
    The same goes when you share your Gaming stories with Becc's. The pride that comes through your voice is evident. And I appreciate that you are willing to share something personal like that with your listeners.