Monday, 3 December 2012

I'm Batman

So I appear to have been distracted by some new shinies this week as I've purchased some of the miniatures for the Batman Arkham City miniature game.  These are made by a Spanish company called Knight Miniatures who make an existing series of large scale 70mm busts / figures from a lot of popular movies, including several Marvel superheroes and who used to make the 32mm rage of Star Wars miniatures.  However these are, as far as I know, there first range of 32mm DC figures.

Unlike a lot of miniatures companies Knight actually seem to go get the licenses for what they are producing rather than doing 'inspired by' or 'not so and so' figures and frankly the figures looked so good I have to go get some.

Now there isn't a game / rules released yet, but each model does come with a stat card in the blister, so those are obviously on the way and the rumours suggest that it will be a gang based skirmish game set in the Arkham City world that was portrayed in the recent video game.

As is the normal way of these things I end up stretching my credit card slightly further than I intended and got the Joker Gang together with Harly and Batman from those excellent folks over at Firestorm.

Models, as you would expect at this not so cheap price point, are very well cast with a lot of fine detail and look like they are going to be a joy to paint, which to be honest, is really what I bought them for.  I've been looking for figures that are going to force me to take my painting to that next level and these seemed to fit the bill.  Having such well know imagery and also great studio paintjobs means that I will really have to stretch myself to do them justice.  If I manage that then I'll be sure to post some pictures.

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