Friday, 27 November 2015

MAGE - Mikes Annual Gaming Extravaganza

Every year I put on an event at the village hall just around from my house.  It tends to be something out of the norm, though with a Malifaux focus - it is my main game after all - like a campaign, achievement event etc.  As I live in the middle of nowhere, folks often camp in the garden and this has led to the events having a festival type feel with BBQ beer and gaming.

Next years event is going to be on 14th-16th July and will feature a team type event, again based around Malifaux but also featuring a load of the other games that we play.  Coupled with mini rounds in between it will be a full on celebration of the hobby - or at least thats the plan.

Now its very early days yet and I am still playing around with how it will all actually work but some things are fixed (ish)

It will be a team event with 6 teams of 4 playing - this means each team will play all the other teams over the course of the weekend, got to love maths.

Each player will need a fixed 50ss Malifaux List and a fixed 25ss list.  This is so that they can play in singles or doubles as the matchups require.

Each team will also need players who understand different games (and have the models for them)

Now at the moment I'm not sure what the choice of other games will be but I'm thinking

Frostgrave, Warmachine / Hordes, Guildball and something like OGAM

Any other suggestions gratefully received

There will be a team captain picking phase where the matchups get decided but also a couple of jokers that can get played.  One forces a non Malifaux game (you can only use this once) and a Switch crews joker where you play you opponents force.  Yes its going to be that sort of silliness

As I said above in between each round there will be a mini game - if you've ever been to the late lamented Whoops Apocalypse you know the sort of things that this could be.  Only one I have fixed in my head at the moment is a Gaslands Demolition Derby but I'm sure other things will occur to me over the next six months.

I will be sending out invites to anyone who has attended one of these events before and hopefully we will be able to get some teams up and running.

Oh it will be free, did I mention that?

Until next time

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  1. any of the star wars miniatures games(x-wing, armada, etc) would be a good addition to your list.