Saturday, 28 November 2015


So after some discussion on twitter and the large number of folks who have expressed interest I've had some more thoughts on this as i hone in on the final format 

First off I'm going to increase the field to 30 which gives me 6 teams of 5.   This means each player will get 2 games of singles faux, 2 games of doubles and a game of something else.

Now what that 5th game is slightly more complex but I,m going to go with 4 fixed games and one that we will pick at a later date.  At the moment the four fixed games are Bloodbowl, Batman, Saga and Frostgrave but that might change based on feedback - or my fickle nature :)

We will also have games between rounds, Cash n Guns has been suggested for one and also a mini Gaslands demolition derby.

So if you want to come along then just send me an email or put a comment in the post with what your 5th game would be, perhaps give me a list? Priority will be given to the folks who have come along to an event before but i imagine most folks who want to come will be able to.

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