Monday, 22 July 2013

Bits and Pieces

So yesterdays post brought up a few questions in twitter and the comments so thought I would try and answer them in a second post in 24 hours (something never seen before in the history of my blogs)

The blue foam comes from  Its pricy (approx £55 for a box) but you get a lot of foam for that money.  The 25mm thick stuff that I am using on this board comes in a box of 12 sheets, and each sheet is 600mm square (just over 2' square).  Perfect for splitting with friends or a club.

To cut it I have been using the score and snap method to get the pieces to the correct approximate size and then a hot wire cutter to tidy up the edges.

Its a hot wire cutter
I got mine from Amazon but as I was working on the board last night I snapped my last piece of wire :( so think I may upgrade to a slightly more expensive model.

Couple of people asked me about the size - its a 3' square, the main canal is 6" wide and the sub canals are 3".  Fortunately I can fit a 3' board in the back of my car so don't need to make it in 2 pieces.

The terrain on top of the board will be moveable scatter terrain but will have predefined places so that when I set it up it will be the same every time, not sure if I will mark those places somehow - black shadow areas perhaps - but will definitely have pictures so I remember how it goes together as one of the things I learnt from the 4M tables is that if you have a lot of complexity then you will forget where it all goes :)

Right, think that about covers it.  Glued some of the sections onto the board last night but have run out of No More Nails so will have to wait a few days before I can pick up some more.  Oh well will just have to paint figures instead.

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