Monday, 22 July 2013

Its been a while

So haven't written anything on here for a while, not because I haven't had anything to say, but because I was just fantastically busy with the Malifaux tournament I ran last week.  Still that is now in the books, so I am back and this post I want to talk about making custom gaming tables.

One of the things that I wanted to do with 4M was make a set of tables that wasn't just generic scatter terrain on top of a plain board, and whilst I didn't quite get to the point that I wanted, I did get over halfway there.

Lair of December Rasputina Board
However for my next event (Malifools Campaign of Carnage) I want to take the boards to the next level and thought that this blog would be an excellent place to document my progress.

So the first board I will be making originally started out as a dockyard board but quickly mutated into a Malifaux Canals board.  So far I have roughed out the areas of land and started cladding the canal sides in embossed plasticard.  More as I progress :)

Rough areas of land marked out in pen.  Main canal is 6" wide and offset so centreline is on land.

Looks slightly better with the foam laid out to give it some depth.

Started to clad the foam in Wills paving


  1. Good start. Looking forward to seeing how this develops and turns out.

  2. Possibly a silly question, but is the smaller channels big enough for a 50mm base?

    Looking good though, really interesting to see how it ends up.

    Oh and is it going to be a fixed board or modular? If the former have you thought about diving the board? Perhaps in half?