Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Malifaux Art

As Gencon rushes towards us (less than a month to go) Wyrd, or more specifically @ericjgames is posting pieces of finalised box art as well as other teasers.  For instance he just let slip that this years 'Miss' model (the figure you get free at a $100 spend) will be an Arcanist.  Unfortunately so far I haven't thought of any Rasputina related Miss names - best guess I have seen online is Miss Fire.

Anyway enough waffle, here's the art (think its a pretty safe bet that any box art we are shown means the box will be at Gencon)

An Arsenal box is a faction deck, this one shows the Whiskey Golem

Lilith showing the Mature has been replaced by Barnaby (or whatever his name is)

You have to admit, he does look angry

My favourite so far, putting the Ronin in a different group and on the background changes the whole piece for me.

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