Wednesday, 26 February 2014

ToMB - A little colour in your cheeks

So the ToMB challenge is officially underway and now that Smogcon is over I've been able to get my paint brushes out again and play about with some colour schemes for the Collodi crew.

Just from my reading of the background and the looks of the models I knew that I wanted them to be nice and bright (none of the darkness that you often see in Malifaux paint schemes) with bold contrasting colours.  This means that they should have some of that mythical pop on the tabletop which always helps garner the odd vote in painting contests.  I also know that whilst I was going to do a decent job on them, I wasn't going to end up painting them better than a decent table top standard for two reasons

  1. Time constraints of getting them all painted within the month just meant that I wouldn't have the time I wanted to spend on them
  2. They are the old metal models, whilst very nice I know that I am going to be painting a plastic Collodi crew at some point in the future so I didn't want to blow my whole wad at the first time of asking (phnar phnar)
 My original colour scheme thoughts had centred around me painting the whole crew like 40k Harlequins which would be a real test for my painting skills - though if I could pull it off the whole crew could look stunning - but in the end I decided to go for something that would still look good but could be completed in a far quicker time.
So I present my first two teaser models.  Both are still WIP but they give you a good idea where I am going with the crew and how the colours are going to work together.

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  1. Looking very nice. The marionette especially. I am still trying to make my Collodi crew look bright. I am used to painting terrain and orks though which is a different aesthetic.