Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Heading to Adepticon #ToMB

So my original plan was that I was going to take my 10 Thunders over to Adepticon this year but ToMB has sort of got in the way of that as I've been having to much fun playing with Collodi to paint the extra models that I wanted to use with 10T

The other thing of course is that as I discussed on the last episode of Malifools I have sort of lost my motivation with 10T at the moment.  This is mainly because I've achieved everything that I set out to do with them (earlier than I thought I would be able to if I am honest) and as I gamer I am very much motivated by my own internal challenges.  Without them I would never get anything done.

This meandering thought process leads me back to taking my Collodi crew to Adepticon. Big downside of course is that for Adepticon everything needs to be painted and as I discussed in my last entry, I hadn't done any painting on the crew for a while.  Slight problem then.

Fortunately I have a very understanding wife, so for the past few nights (and lunch hours) I have been getting basecoats onto the crew. 

One model however distracted me and I spent a much longer time on it and that was the Brutal Effigy.  I spent a good chunk of the weekend on this one as its just such a great model and I'm very happy with the paint job that I ended up on it
Have a week to go so will be spending my painting time getting more of the figures to final standard but not Collodi himself (cause the figure is a tad boring - anyone got suggestions for a good proxy?)


  1. For collodi proxy what about the Bushido (it's not a thing) puppet master guy. One of the fellows up in Livingston used him and it seemed an ok swap though he's not puppety in the way collodi is.

  2. Mike I have ordered this fellow to be my Collodi until the new plastic set is released then he'll be my Avatar Collodi

    1. That is an awesome idea. Wonder if they will have them at Adepticon