Thursday, 13 March 2014

ToMB Month One Roundup

So month one of ToMB is coming to an end (I think it actually ends on the 16th) so it seems like a sensible time to do a round up of where I have got to with Collodi so far.

Well painting wise I haven't made any more progress since I did a couple of prototype models a few weeks ago.  Basically I got distracted by finishing stuff up for Adepticon and a couple of other games that I have been playing (Dead Mans Hand & Fists of Kung Fu) so painting hasn't been high up my list of priorities.

I have played several games with my 40ss crew and have only lost once so far - that was to Lee with his Hoffman crew - though I got my revenge against him when he used Lynch.  Obeying Mr Graves to beat the crap out of his own crew was excellent fun :)

I've learnt some interesting lessons as well to take into month 2

  • Vasalisa, whilst important isn't the be all and end all, so be careful of the resources you use to keep her alive
  • If I am using the fated upgrade having Collodi gain either Focus or Defensive is a great way to give it out to the rest of the crew for a single AP
  • Wicked Dolls work best in pairs, so from now on I will only be taking 2 in my initial crew
  • Don't forget Strum the Strings, Fast would have won me the game against the Hoffball
The other thing I have done is juggle my spend around for month 2 slightly so that I get an extra effigy (Brutal)

This means I now have

Collodi, Vasalisa, 4 Marionettes, 3 Wicked Dolls, 2 Stitched, Brutal Effigy and Arcane Effigy

which is very solid indeed,

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