Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OGAM - The Greek Legends

Following on from yesterdays post, today I thought I would suggest some manufacturers for Greek Legends.

If you have seen a character in a film, have a particular favourite monster or just see a really cool model that you think, "I'd love to have that but what would I use it for?" then Legends are where they will almost certainly fit in :)  Duane loves the Talos model from Mierce Miniatures, so made up some stats for him as a Greek Legend and job done.  To get some idea of that models size BTW, thats a 100mm base he is on!

Even if you aren't up to making up your own models (and with OGAM thats really half the fun) Greeks still have over 20 legends to choose from ranging from the Nemean Lion to Achilles himself.

So manufacturers then as that's probably why you are reading this

Otherworld - Otherworld Miniatures specialise in making miniatures inspired by the art in old D&D books.  As a lot of that art was inspired by legends they have a great range of miniatures that can be used for OGAM.  Of particular interest to the Greeks are the Harpies and the Centaurs.  Note that shipping on Otherworld stuff can be a bit pricey, so if you can pick them up at a show or do a combined order with a mate then that's probably a bit of a win.

Reaper - One of the oldest American manufacturers they have a massive range of figures, so big in fact that finding a particular model can be hard, though their search facility is pretty decent.  In the Dark Heaven Legends range they have plenty of suitable models for Greek Heros, best thing to do is search for them by name, I particularly like this model of Perseus

Wargames Foundry - Hopefully needing no introduction Foundry have been around for a donkeys age and have a range depth to match.  They have two big sections that work for OGAM, firstly the Greek Mythology Range (check out the monsters especially) and then the World of the Greeks for more characters such as Jason of Argonauts fame.  Needless to say they will be turning up in the Mortals showcase as well :)

Fenris - You might know Fenris better for their excellent resin terrain but they do ranges of miniatures as well and hidden amongst the Cthulhu stuff (well he is a big boy) is a range of Greek Heros that are perfect for representing OGAM legends.

Crocodile Miniatures - Another American company whose ranges are very hard to get in the UK (I really wish they had a decent stockist) their Wargods of Olympus range makes a perfect set of Greek characters.  I love these miniatures as Chris Fitzpatrick is a god amongst sculptors IMO.  Pay special attention to the Demigods section of the store.

Comfy Chair Games - Comfy chair are currently working on there own god vs. god game called Dominion of the Gods and so have a load of miniatures being worked on at the moment.  If you check out their news page then you can see some of the Greek heros that are in the works but if you go into the store then you can buy this absolutely wonderful Cyclops.

Heresy - One of my favourite miniature companies, Heresy make some great Centaurs and some nice monsters (Giant Scorpion, Cyclops) that will fit right into the Greeks.  Plus Andy is a great bloke so why wouldn't you buy some stuff from him.

Have I missed anyone obvious off? - Let me know in the comments if I have.  Next up Mortals, expect to see some of the above make another appearance on the list :)

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